Course Description

Are you struggling to find clients as a virtual assistant? Have you been hearing about the importance of choosing a niche but completely at a loss as to how to go about doing that? Are you a No Niche Nancy?

Who is No Niche Nancy? No Niche Nancy is a Virtual Assistant who is driving herself ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, trying to be everything to everyone.

She is overwhelmed, she is overworked, and worst of all she is underpaid! She's doing her best to keep up with her client load, but never quite feels like she is hitting it out the park for her clients. She is "this close" to giving up.

She also keeps hearing from all the VA Coaches and experienced VA's that she needs to choose a niche, but WHY? Why should she when she is so obviously good at so many things and so many people need help? Why does Nancy have to choose?

Listen - if this is you - I feel you and I have been you. I spent the entire first year of my VA business being a No Niche Nancy. In this course I am sharing with my simple formula for choosing a niche, teaching you how to activate it and also how to promote yourself as a virtual assistant within your niche.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Formula For Choosing A Niche

    • Introduction

    • The Formula

    • Activate

    • Promote

    • BONUS - The Formula For Choosing A Niche Worksheet