Course Description

Have you ever received a great question, that you said to yourself - I should just make a quick video to walk them through this and then at the end of the video you realized the content was so good, you should package this up and share it with more people? That’s exactly what this is. 

I received a question from my Virtual Biz Bestie Private Slack community on best practices and tips for Virtual Assistants using Asana, I created this tutorial  and it has been a game changer for many of them.

This is for you if you have been struggling to get into a good workflow with using Asana in your virtual assistant business. 

I cover:

  • When to use List view vs. Table View

  • How to set up your tasks so that anyone can hop in and understand what needs to be done

  • How to ensure everyone is in the loop on tasks and projects

  • And most importantly how to set up your task board as a VA to manage your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks!


Your Virtual Biz Bestie,


Course curriculum

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    Asana Best Practices For Virtual Assistants

    • Asana Best Practices For Virtual Assistants