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Welcome to the Virtual Biz Bestie Vault!

Have you ever had a best friend that was your go-to person - for everything! Yes? Doesn’t that feel good? To have that person you can count on to figure out life’s ups and downs?

Wouldn’t it make sense that you need that in business as well? That’s the gap that Virtual Biz Bestie Community fills.

My name is Romaine Brown-Palmer and I am an Entrepreneur, and Coach to Virtual Assistants. I work with amazing, and amazing in progress, virtual assistants to help them create efficient and empowered businesses that they love. ​

As the founder of The Executive Administrative Group, a boutique virtual assistant agency, I have had the distinct pleasure of helping almost 100 business owners launch, manage, and/or grow their business. So much so, that many of my clients call me - The Brain!

The mission is simple, I share tools, tips, resources, and training to educate and empower you in business, and I always try to make it a little entertaining. This is a growing resource, so I encourage you to check back often because I am always adding the vault.

For many years, I was the secret sauce in many small businesses. It has given me the opportunity to learn and grow as a journeyed from solo entrepreneur, to agency owner and coach.

If you are a virtual assistant looking for support and resources in launching or growing your business, then you are in the right place! This space is where I pay forward what I have learned.

I look forward to getting to know you. Be sure to connect with me online using the links below and also join the Virtual Biz Bestie Private Slack Community!

Ok, Bestie - Let’s dive in!


What Others Have To Say!

About learning from and working with me...

Angella Edusei

As I make my transition out of Corporate America to my own business pursuits and also to a new state from the north to the south of the United States, I must admit that I felt fear, some confusion and anxiety associated with the unknown. The first thing Romaine and her company was able to do was to allay my fear. Romaine Brown Palmer has a unique gift of instilling vision and confidence. Her warmth, positive demeanor, confidence and obvious competence did it for me. I now know that there is nothing to fear and that I am in good hands. I would describe her as my GPS in this huge maze that It seemed I found myself. She answered every question I had, made suggestions that I had not thought of before, documented everything from our session and sent everything over to me in real time. I also learnt how to use software that I knew nothing of before. Talk about creating VALUE!!! What I received was beyond value. They get the job done and in the most-timely manner. I feel confident now that I am in the best hands!!!

Alexis Chin

Romaine is absolutely amazing! With her experience and exposure, you are able to catapult into the Virtual Assistant world with flying colors. She is patient and tailors her approach to your speed and background. I strongly recommend her for anyone who is seeking to excel in the industry.

Julie Aldebol

First thing first..Romaine's sense of humor is the best! She will make you feel 110% better no matter how bad your day was. She is always happy and ready to invest her time on the things you need help the most. She is professional, knowledgeable, honest, and organized. Romaine was always punctual in all of our meetings. She helped with CRM's, templates, content creation, and so much more. I highly recommend her to anyone out there that is starting or leveling up their business.

Farita Toney

When I worked with Romaine, she literally did the work for me. It was like watching her create a map to where I wanted to go and showing me how to get there. She showed me where all the booby-traps were and how to overcome them and then gave me steps for success. I feel like I have a complete blueprint and it's a huge relief. Romaine knows what she's doing and if you're ready for next level CEO bossness - she's got you covered.

Dr. Casandra “Coach Cass” Henriquez

Romaine is absolutely amazing! Her ability to bring calm to my entrepreneurial craziness is a gift! I would recommend working with her because she is firm, organized, and holds you accountable to get it done! All while providing support to help do the things you hate doing but need to get done.

Donna Lyttle

I have to say, I have been following Romaine on IG for quite a while and been itching to ask for advise when it comes to having a successful Virtual Assistant. But when I saw that she was having a webinar I had to join and by the end of it I signed up for her think session and it has been the best thing I have ever done for my business. If you are thinking about it just do it. I wish I was able to get this help sooner.


Yolanda Churchwell

From the moment I saw the ad for the VA seminar I have been drawn to Romaine. She is a natural sower of seeds in the lives of others. She has definitely empowered me for success. The completion of this class will not be the end of my professional relationship with her. I will be a lifetime student and client of all she has to offer. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable but even better she creates that in others. Romaine’s course is well thought out, full of useful information, and presented in a way that encourages and uplifts that cannot be defined. I would rank this experience in education right up there with my college degrees. It is CERTIFIABLE!"

Jairek and Amanda Robbins, Author, Speaker, Performance Coaching, High Performance Ventures

We highly recommend Romaine and her incredible team. They help us make all the magic happen for our clients and ensure we are delivering world-class service in all that we do!

Marly Q. Casanova, Speaker, Emcee, Event

Do yourself and your business a favor ... WORK WITH ROMAINE! Not only will you have someone on your team that's an expert in all things administrative, she cares deeply about helping you & your business succeed! She takes the time to get to know you, understand your needs & challenges & is able to create a (detailed) roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be while kindly keeping you on track & accountable to getting it DONE!

Rich Castellano MD CEO and president of and

Romaine is THE BEST! I have worked with Romaine on many projects - she is reliable and professional, and she has negotiated many favorable contracts on our behalf. I was impressed by how much money we saved and how she set a positive and supportive tone with our vendors. She is so organized, no matter what was going on she was always two or three steps ahead. I have never felt so well taken care of, Thank you Romaine for helping my grow my businesses!

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